Remembering Tragedy [Coptic New Year]

Over 1700 years ago, in the year 284 AD, the Christians of Egypt underwent one of the worst periods of persecution, discrimination, and martyrdom the world has ever known. A few years later the Coptic Church memorialized that sacrifice within her liturgical calendar by counting 284 AD as 1 AM (anno martyria – the year of the martyrs). Perhaps it is providential that the 1st of Tout (Coptic New Year) falls upon September 11th, a day that the world in modernity remembers another great tragedy; one which led to the loss of thousands of innocents in New York City, on numerous airplanes, at the Pentagon, within the families of the survivors, and in the lives of countless people who have experienced health complications arising from the attack. As we stand at this juncture of human history we look back in remembrance. We remember how the Lord raised us up from the ashes to be healed by Him. We remember the courage of our heroes who sacrificed themselves through every generation. We remember those who innocently shed their blood for the sake of their faith. However, we must move beyond a sheer recalling of past events as simply pieces of information that we remember. Our remembrance should compel us to extend beyond ourselves in order to be crowned as witnesses to a far greater Love by standing with one another in the name of Christ and in the memory of those who now rest in His glory. #CopticNewYear #Nairouz

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