In this talk TRUSTING GOD, we discussed certain things that impact our ability to Trust God and what a life of unrelenting trust looks like.  What are things that affect one’s ability to wholeheartedly trust God? Others? How would you describe a person’s life who has an unrelenting trust in God?


Being a Disciple of Jesus

“You must be Youssef and Afaf’s son.” Growing up, I heard this all the time. It definitely was not because of our similar appearances, as I looked very different from the rest of my family; I might as well have been adopted. Maybe it was certain mannerisms, figures of speech, or behaviors I had picked …


Standing up for the Truth

Knowing the Truth and Standing up for the Truth are two very different things.  In this message at the Link we discussed 1 Kings 18:21 and how it informs standing for what is right, even when you are standing alone.

Questions to Ponder

1. What are some factors that affect your ability to stand against cultural & societal forces

2. How would you advise someone who is facing a difficult decision to stand alone?