Afraid to Stand Out

Many people say they want to stand out but society pushes us to conform. In today’s vlog, I share my experience at Newark Airport and what’s at stake if you don’t embrace your uniqueness. Question to Ponder: What are some ways you can stand out for Christ by standing more authentically into your relationship with Him?

Evangelism 101

There tends to be a lot of mystic around the Christian word “evangelism”. For many people it boils down to completing a program or taking a class. In today’s vlog, I provide 3 simple but necessary steps for any disciple of Jesus to share the Light of Christ with others.

A Never-Ending Nightmare

After getting to bed at 1 AM the night before, being woken by a nightmare at 6 AM on a Saturday morning is quite the frustration. Attacked by two masked men in a dark alley way and no where to run, I yelled out for help. People’s faces began to appear in the windows…but they …