A Never-Ending Nightmare

After getting to bed at 1 AM the night before, being woken by a nightmare at 6 AM on a Saturday morning is quite the frustration. Attacked by two masked men in a dark alley way and no where to run, I yelled out for help. People’s faces began to appear in the windows…but they just stood their and watched! Although in my dream I was deeply convicted that God was there with me, I still wished even one of those people at the window would do something or even say something…ANYTHING!

As I now lay awake in bed this morning, with tears streaming down my cheek, I felt God convicting me that this Saturday morning frustration was intended to remind me of the ongoing nightmare my brothers and sisters in Egypt are subjected to. Every few weeks or months an incident like the St. Samuel Monastery massacre occurs, but make no mistake my nightmare is the daily life the Copts in Egypt are living in.

I have no doubt that God is with the persecuted Christians. He is strengthening their faith, Shepherding them, and preparing special blessings for them. However, the Church must do more than stand at the windows of our cell phones (social media pages) and just watch as others are terrorized by their horrific nightmares!



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  1. Thank you for this timely reminder Fr. Sorial… As we commemorate the international day of prayer for the persecuted church, we must raise our voices for our brothers and sisters whose voices cant be heard. Because we basically have religious freedom here (so far) Americans are too indifferent to their plight! Yet the church is growing where persecuted and shrinking where there is little price to pay for following Christ.

    Thanks again for your great posts.

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