Afraid to Stand Out

Many people say they want to stand out but society pushes us to conform. In today’s vlog, I share my experience at Newark Airport and what’s at stake if you don’t embrace your uniqueness. Question to Ponder: What are some ways you can stand out for Christ by standing more authentically into your relationship with Him?

Evangelism 101

There tends to be a lot of mystic around the Christian word “evangelism”. For many people it boils down to completing a program or taking a class. In today’s vlog, I provide 3 simple but necessary steps for any disciple of Jesus to share the Light of Christ with others.

A Never-Ending Nightmare

After getting to bed at 1 AM the night before, being woken by a nightmare at 6 AM on a Saturday morning is quite the frustration. Attacked by two masked men in a dark alley way and no where to run, I yelled out for help. People’s faces began to appear in the windows…but they …


Pope Tawadros’ Message

Within a couple of decades after Jesus Christ was crucified, St. Mark – the writer of the first gospel – arrived on the shores of the ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Starting with St. Anianus (the first successor of St. Mark) until His Holiness Pope Tawadros II (the 117th successor), …